Sophien-Klinik Hannover

Modern and unique

Being a patient of the Sophien-Klinik, you do know your attending physician already from his/her doctor's practice as you have chosen this specific physician yourself. And this is the unique advantage of the general practitioner's hospital Sophien-Klinik, which is - with a capacity of 112 beds - the largest private hospital in Hannover. Smooth interlocking of outpatient and inpatient treatment is another advantage: redundant examinations/check-ups can be avoided and longish explanatory notes from one doctor to another are not required - your very own health care expert knows what to do - because he/she is already comprehensively familiar with your case.

The more than 30 visiting medical consultants are supported in their work by the latest technology for diagnosis and therapy, provided by the Sophien-Klinik Hannover. The visiting medical consultants work in close cooperation with the more than 100 medical staff members, who are there to care for their patients around the clock.

The Sophien-Klinik Hannover houses 8 different medical departments: anaesthesia, internal medicine, gynaecology, urology, surgery, oral and maxilo-facial surgery, orthopaedics and otorhinolaryngology. The Sophien-Klinik Hannover has succeeded in gaining a very good reputation in the areas of colo-proctology (intestinal diseases), allergology and endoprosthetic surgery that is appreciated far beyond the reaches of Hannover.

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