Outpatient physical therapy of the Sophien-Klinik Hannover

Physical therapy is an important element for successful treatment of a multitude of disease patterns. However, physical therapy is also an important component of successful prophylaxis, rehabilitation and overall wellness.

For years, the department for outpatient physical therapy of the Sophien-Klinik Hannover has been providing physical therapy to its outpatients. Annually, we do carry out an average of 35,000 physiotherapeutic activities. We have 15 highly qualified staff members waiting for you at our at Dieterichsstraße, central City of Hannover providing professional physical therapy for outpatients:


In total, we do offer the following therapeutic methods at our 2 sites:

  • physiotherapy
  • manual therapy
  • massage
  • podal reflex zone massage
  • electrotherapy
  • moor mud packing
  • manual lymphatic drainage
  • red light
  • respiratory therapy
  • hot stone massage
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