For Patients

Dear patients, dear family members,

when deciding with your attending physician to turn to the Sophien-Klinik for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons, it is understandable that you want to learn as much as possible about our house, before coming here. Therefore, and for your information, we have provided answers to the frequently asked questions on our homepage. Here, we have compiled all things worth knowing for you and with regard to your hospitalization in order to facilitate your planning and to give you an impression of what you may expect while staying with us:

  • undefinedSophien-ABC:
    This is a glossary containing the most important information regarding your hospitalization and the flow of relevant hospital procedures in alphabetical order.
  • undefinedThe Patient as a Partner:
    While hospitalized, we would like you to consider yourself and us as being a team - for the benefit of the convalescence progress.
  • undefinedChecklist:
    Checklist of what you will need for the duration of your stay. This short list will help you, when packing your bags.
  • undefinedYour view counts!:
    Improvements? Only feasible if you let us have your (the patient's) valued opinion.
  • undefinedContinuous development:
    The Sophien-Klinik is a facility with some history.
  • undefinedSOPHIENjournal:
    This is our hospital newsletter with interesting information about our current work and many other areas of clinical and medical interest.
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