Care concept of the Sophien-Klinik GmbH

  • Every human being becomes the centre of our care and attention.
  • Independent from origin, race, sex, religious affiliation, physical and spiritual constituion of our patients, we do care for their needs and wishes.
  • Our nursing care is a professional social service provided by one human being for another. It's purpose is to increase the life's quality, to alleviate ailment or to allow a dignfied end.
  • The individual care requirements are assessed, planned and managed separately for each patient, which enables us to preserve, stabilize and strengthen the patient's inherent abilities and potentials.
  • As we are available for the patient's needs and questions on a 24/7 basis we do know about the importance of a mutual appreciation for our work.
  • All of our nursing staff is provided with excellent training and education enabling qualified, independent and well-balanced cooperation with the other professional guilds in the Sophien-Klinik.
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